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Flexible and scalable technologies that support and maintain superior levels of workflow, customer service, customer contact and reporting.

Having the right technology is important as having the right people in place to use them, for any business organization that is looking to thrive in any competitive market place. At Limitless BPO we are aware that the technology used can greatly impact the quality of service delivered. Therefore, Limitless has invested heavily in a cutting edge totally cloud based predictive dialer technology to ensure that we are able to smoothly deliver the ideal Inbound and Outbound Contact Center Solutions that you need. All voice interaction between our CCSEs (Contact Center Service Experts) and your customers or prospects are 100% recorded and securely stored for up to 3 years or more as may be needed by our clients. These recordings are reviewed and used for quality assurance and ongoing training for improvements. Our technology is built to be resilient and with redundancy to ensure secure communication between us and your customers and the protection of sensitive customer information our team may need to handle on our clients’ behalf. More importantly, our system is design to meet current needs and has the flexibility to adjust to the future needs of our clients seamlessly. Limitless BPO leverages multi-layered approach to security addressing the complete continuum of security spanning physical, network, and application layers.

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